Yesterday, I tried to use my Amazon Echo Plus as bluetooth speaker on my media center Running Ubuntu 20.04.

I paired the Echo Plus using Alexa app on my phone following these steps:

  1. Open Alexa app on your phone and go to devices tab, then Echo & Alexa.
  2. Choose your Echo Plus from list and then the gear icon on top left.
  3. Under Wireless tab, choose Bluetooth Devices and then Pair new device. Now the Echo Plus is in Pairing Mode.
  4. On Ubuntu, discover devices with Bluetooth and then pair Echo-s5u

Following these steps, paired was successful but I couldn’t send any audio to Echo Plus.

Why? Because the Echo was recognized as microphone instead of a speaker.

The only workaround I found at the moment to avoid this, is to pair the Echo Plus while you’re playing some audio on your Ubuntu machine.

I just unpaired the devices, then started a YouTube video on my Ubuntu machine and then repeated the steps above. A that point I’ve been able to send audio to my Echo Plus.